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Comedy 'pops up' at Chicago Children's Museum

Plenty of giggles were on hand as the Chicago Children’s Museum debuted “Laugh Shack,” a new pop-up comedy club that opened today and runs through Sept. 2. Through the new interactive exhibit, children can learn everything from “the art” of making squirting flowers to comedy workshops to doing stand-up at an open mike and performing in front of a live audience.

According to the official release, the programs include:

— LOL 101: This semester’s Sillybus calls for elementary ridiculousness. Learn a goofy walk, practice funny falls and make your own wacky wearables.

— Open Mic: Take the stage to tell a joke, sing a song or just act goofy.

— Silly Pets: Visit the Kraft Artabounds Studio, to create a silly pet and present it with a funny joke.

— “Make Me Laugh” Booth: Test your comedy skills by trying your best to make other visitors laugh.

Visit the museum’s website for hours, admission prices and schedules.