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Jennifer Hudson becomes emotional at 'Do Something' awards show

Chicago native, Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson was understandably moved to tears as she accepted a “Do Something” award during the televised show in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The singer and actress was honored for creating Hatch Day — an event that gives low-income, inner-city children school supplies prior to the beginning of each academic year.

The idea for the Julian D. King Gift Foundation (which presents the kids with the supplies) was inspired by Hudson’s nephew, Julian, who along with her mother and brother were murdered in 2008 by Hudson’s sister’s estranged husband.

Julian himself had thought up the idea — hoping such an outreach to the community would “hatch” dreams in the minds of children like him.

As she accepted her award Wednesday, Hudson obviously was reminded of the horrible personal tragedy involving the loss of those three beloved family members in such a senseless act of violence. The entertainer became emotional watching the video at the event that detailed the foundation’s mission.

This year’s Hatch Day will take place on Aug. 15 at the Kroc Center on West 119th Street on the South Side.