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Roundup of the best Breaking Bad content that's hit the web this week (no spoilers)

The premiere of Breaking Bad’s final season is just about here. Cue freakout!

The internet has been buzzing with excitement, and rightfully so. It’s lead to a flood of quality material that any fan would be ashamed to miss. We’ve rounded up the very best to make sure you’re in the loop. Let us know if we missed anything good.

Leading the way is this fan-made hype trailer that has me FIRED UP.

Here an excellent chart from showing Walter White’s income and expenses.

“Simpsonizing” has become a pretty popular internet trend.

Another fan-made music video. This one is a bit longer but has a good collection of clips and focuses on Walter’s rosy relationships.

It’s the internet, so obviously cats are involved.

AMC has released a digital comic book that recaps the entire series up to this point. It’s a neat art style and will get you caught right up on all the important details.

Walter White: How we hate you, root for you

Nice guy meth cook Gale loved karaoke, and thankfully there’s a full video of him singing has made its way onto Youtube.

Berwyn native Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman character became a breakout fan favorite, to the point that he became a series regular. Here he is reviewing crappy late night lawyer ads.

The Breaking Bad theme song played with meth lab equipment.