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Trestman says Earl Bennett's concussion is 'lingering'

BOURBONNAIS — Earl Bennett was having a good camp. He liked his new role in coach Marc Trestman’s offense. He liked the flexibility he was given. He liked how quarterback Jay Cutler was spreading the ball around.

But he hasn’t been on the field in a while now. Bennett last practiced on Aug. 2. He then left practice the following day at Soldier Field with concussion symptoms. Now, he’s subject to league protocol for concussions.

Bennett and defensive tackle Henry Melton, who also is dealing with a concussion, didn’t attend practice on Sunday. But Bennett’s appears more problematic, considering he suffered a concussion last season. Trestman said that Bennett was resting at home over the weekend.

“It’s been day to day,” Trestman said of Bennett. “He’s going through a protocol. … And certainly he had two very good practices before he got the concussion. So it is lingering, it is day to day and we’re hoping for the best but I can’t tell you any more about it at this time.”