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Buck of the Week: Unplugged Bunker Hill buck

I am in a quandary about running BOTW: Unplugged photos from Bunker Hill, for several reasons, one of which Diana Micek touches on; but my God are there some monster bucks out there.

Micek, from Belmont-Cragin on Chicago’s Northwest Side, sent this note with the photo:

Here’s a buck we encountered at Bunker Hill forest preserve on 07/24/2013. After he was finished eating some of the green apples someone had left him in a plastic bag (which I removed & threw the bag in the trash. Can you please ask your readers not to leave food in plastic bags which wildlife might eat in process of trying get at the food? Thanks!), it was fun to watch him walk off & maneuver his candelabra-sized antlers up under a fallen tree trunk to enter into the forest area of the woods….ever so gracefully!

That issue has been an ongoing problem at Bunker Hill, on the edge of the Northwest Side, for many years. The bigger issue is feeding the deer at all.

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