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Comic actor Dave Foley returns to Chicago for stand-up shows

Dave Foley, via

The last time Dave Foley did stand-up comedy within city limits, he reunited with his The Kids in the Hall mates Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson at the Mayne Stage Theatre in Rogers Park.

After canceling a run at Second City’s UP Comedy Club earlier this year, Foley — most famous for his role on NBC’s NewsRadio from 1995-1999 — lands at the venue for five shows September 5-7. Tickets are $25. If his past performances are any indication, expect a set that includes religious, political and sexual material — and maybe even a bit about his ongoing child support situation.

“Suddenly I was working more than I had been in the last few years,” Foley told the Sun-Times in 2011, “and I think part of it was the fact that I was out on the road doing comedy, so people were aware that I was still around.”

Not only have his sitcom guest appearances ramped up since then (on Veep, The Middle, Hot in Cleveland), he’s got a show of his own in the works. Titled Spun Out, it’s set to air on Canada’s CTV.

“It’s a multi-camera sitcom, live-audience, which I haven’t produced…in Canada in about 25 years,” Foley told the Tampa Bay Times in April. “It’s a workplace comedy — similar in a lot of ways to NewsRadio. It’s set in a public relations firm and I play the owner of the firm and there’s a young, attractive cast to make me look even older.”