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Chicago's Trunk Club clothier and Esquire magazine join forces

Truck Club in Chicago, via Tom Cruze/Sun-Times

In its latest promotional volley, Chicago’s Trunk Club — a River North-based men’s clothier featured in the Sun-Times earlier this year — is joining forces with the venerable and fashion infused men’s magazine Esquire to present The Esquire Collection.

“We worked hand-in-hand with the team at Trunk Club to select the quintessential pieces for fall and beyond,” Esquire fashion director Nick Sullivan said in a statement. “At Esquire, we are always seeking ways to help our readers live better, more informed and stylish lives.”

Which, some would say, doesn’t explain this. But for dudes who have some dough to blow (Trunk Club threads aren’t cheap — designer denim starts around $160, button-down shirts around $150, custom suits into the thousands), the new partnership might be worth exploring.

To check out Trunk Club’s interior and hear more about it, click here for a Sun-Times video.