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Coaching staff ratchets up intensity of practice

KENOSHA, Wis.—Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald said that Monday’s practice, by design, was intense in almost every facet.

The coaching staff was hustling players on and off the field as they rotated during team drills. Schematic installation also continued for the Wildcats.

Though the team has had several practices, Fitzgerald isn’t focused on any self-scouting yet.

“I’m more worried about how tough we are mentally,” he said. “These three days up here are really hard. Today was really hard. It was hard by design. It’s always hard by design, come off a day off.”

The coaching staff looked to put its players in some very specific situations. The team worked on goal line offense and defense, the offense was backed up inside its own five-yard line and also the coaching staff also incorporated some down-and-distance situations.

Though Monday’s session had both good and bad moments, the Wildcats appeared to play fast which pleased Fitzgerald.

“I thought the guys responded really well. I mean good and bad, ebb and flow on both sides.”