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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul answers fan questions on Reddit

On TV, he plays a drug-using meth manufacturer, an occasional killer and accessory to who-knows-how-many crimes. In real life, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is a Lollapalooza-attending, Emmy Award winning dream boat, a real-life nice guy who isn’t afraid to say hi to tourists gawking outside his home.

The actor took to social aggregate site Reddit to participate in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) and spent the next two hours answering fan’s questions. We’ve compiled some of the best answers, but you should probably zip over to Reddit to read them all.

The time Aaron Paul got a concussion on set

Fun fact: Raymond Cruz, the actor who played psychotic drug dealer Tuco, asked to be written off the show. Cruz was already working on a show called The Closer, and the role of Tuco was just too mentally and physically draining.

Season 2’s “Four Days Out” is his favorite episode

His favorite scene might be the most cringe-worthy one of all – the awkward dinner scene between Jesse, Walt and Skyler

The scene where Jesse rescued a little boy from a meth house tugged at his heart. Me too, Aaron

Because he and Jesse both love kids

The scene where Jesse found his girlfriend dead from a heroin was the most difficult to film

He spent time with people dealing with addiction to prepare for the role

The rest of the final season is going to be a wild ride

He’s been watching a whole lot of The Wonder Years lately. Good choice

He’s a big Chewbacca fan

Aaron Paul could also be described as furry and soft.

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Don’t give him anything but Zesty Italian dressing for his salad

His favorite Radiohead song is Fake Plastic Trees

Don’t forget about the time he went to a Radiohead concert with James Bond Pierce Brosnan

What a cool guy. Let’s hang out soon, Aaron Paul.