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New Soldier Field rules prohibit most bags

Janet Peters shows off her Ziploc “purse” at Raymond James Stadium on August 8. Will Vragovic~AP Photo

The Chicago Bears and the NFL unveiled an updated list of prohibited items from stadiums across the country. Some of it is obvious – no alcohol, no fireworks, no weapons – but there have been major changes to the types of bags allowed.

Beginning with Thursday’s preseason game against the Chargers, only women’s clutch purses and clear plastic, vinyl, PVC or one-gallon ziploc bags will be allowed into Soldier Field. No coolers, no briefcases, no backpacks, no fanny packs and no seat cushions. Clear plastic tote bags will be sold at stadiums, giving fans not aware of the new policy the chance to transfer over to a permissible bag.

The move is designed to “enhance public safety” and was unanimously recommended by the NFL Committee on Stadium Security. The NFL will also implement a second security perimeter around stadiums to identify prohibited bags. The league says this move will speed up security check points and provide faster entry for fans.

While it might not matter as much to fans in Miami, there is some good news for Bears fans: blankets are still allowed.