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Concrete brings new meaning to mixed media

By Kyle Macmillan

One of the truisms of contemporary art is that just about anything can be put to creative use. So, it’s hardly surprising that artists have found plenty of ways to employ concrete in their works. This versatile building and, yes, artistic material will be celebrated during “The Art of Concrete Art,” a party from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight at Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, 2222 S. Lumber St. (just west of Chinatown).

While attendees enjoy box dinners and drinks, members of the Chicago Public Art Group will demonstrate some of their concrete sculpting techniques and a group of specialty vendors will show off some of the more unusual ways the material can be used. Participants can also take a tour of the concrete yard and even dip their hands into some wet concrete themselves.

Tickets are $40, with proceeds benefiting the non-profit CPAG. 312-427-2724 or

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