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'The Butler' role reminds Mariah Carey of 'horrible' racist moment

By Cindy Pearlman

Mariah Carey had her own real-life incidents of racism to draw on while playing a plantation worker in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.”

“There is a scene later in the movie when someone spits in someone’s face, and that happened to me,” Carey told the Sun Times. “That scene was the deepest thing in the movie for me.

“Someone spit on my face on a school bus. It was one of the most horrible, most demeaning moments of my life.”

The pop music superstar did the role for friend and director Lee Daniels, who also cast her in his “Precious.” “The Butler” opened at No. 1 at the box office.

“I’m thrilled to be in ‘The Butler,’ ” Carey said. “I’m working with an incredibly amazing and beyond fascinating group in ‘The Butler.’ I’m grateful to Lee for thinking of me. “

Her role opens the movie. “I won’t call it small because it’s an integral part of the story. The butler himself had to be born at some point,and he’s my son.”

Racism is a subject she’s discussed often with Daniels.

“My mom is Irish American. My father is African American. I’m bi-racial,” Carey says. “I think it’s going to be healthy for kids to grow up and see this movie. It’s deep. We must look at the past. My mom was really active during the civil rights moment. I hope to bring her bravery to my work in this film.”