Catch the 'Cornetto Trilogy' of Simon Pegg films Thursday night

SHARE Catch the 'Cornetto Trilogy' of Simon Pegg films Thursday night

Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost join forces again for the third installment of the Cornetto trilogy, “The World’s End.”

Back before zombies were zombies, British comedy writer and actor (“Spaced”) Simon Pegg joined forces in 2004 with his best friends Edgar Wright and Nick Frost for their first feature film “Shaun of the Dead.”

Three years later and after screening more than 100 action films, the comedy trio released “Hot Fuzz.”

The Cornetto trilogy (named after famed convenience store ice cream cones) comes to a close this weekend, with the release of “The World’s End.”

While the chilly treats won’t be on offer in town, connessieurs of the films can catch all of three beginning at 5:30 on Thursday at the Showplace Icon Theater, 150 W. Roosevelt. Tickets are $20.

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