New survey says single guys change their sheets four times a year

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Thomas Delany Jr.~ Sun-Times Media

recent British survey has finally given us proof that, on average, 18-25 single men are kind of gross. It found that men in that age and relationship group change their bed sheets only four times a year. Every three months. Once a quarter. That is decidedly NOT Downy fresh, dudes.

Single women change their sheets roughly 500 percent more often, once every 2.5 weeks.

The survey, from UK mattress manufacturer Ergoflex, found that people in relationships were far less disgusting – couples change their sheets on average every two weeks, largely driven by the 81 percent of women who said sheet-changing duties were their responsibility.

Those single dudes that skip basic decency might be channeling their inner Tupac. 49 percent say three months was an “acceptable gap” to go between changes, 22 percent “didn’t see the need” to change them more often, and around 20 percent just “didn’t care.” In fact, the majority of male responders only own one pair of sheets.

17 percent of men were probably lying when they said a guest was “put off” by clean bed sheets. They probably overlap with the 68 percent who said they don’t change their guest sheets after having a guest over.

This is all in strict contrast to both Martha Stewart’s marching orders and common sense. While Martha recommends washing bed sheets once a week, really anything more than once a quarter should do the trick.

Step up your game, single dudes.

[Via the Daily Mail]

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