The Evening Rush for Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013

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The must-read news stories for Aug. 22, 2013

Steve Mandell (left) at the Dirksen Federal Building in January 2005. | Sun-Times Media

Mandell murder plot thickens

Steven Mandell, the former Chicago Police officer accused of a plot to abduct, torture, extort, murder and dismember an unidentified businessman with a butcher knife is now charged with yet another heinous crime: plotting the murder of a witness while in jail. Mandell was originally put in isolation from other prisoners but released again into the general population after complaining about poor health. While there, prosecutors allege he tried to arrange for the murder of a federal witness. In an added twist, the arrangements were apparently made with jailed members of the Latin Kings. Mandell, in his own defense, told the judge that was basically just prison talk: “What I tell inmates at the MCC is utter nonsense; what I say here is the truth … I’m not on oath when talking to the Latin Kings.” Prosecutors didn’t mention the alleged target by name, but Mandell identified the informant as businessman George Michael. [Sun-Times]

Lawsuits are bigger in Texas

The Justice Department is challenging the state of Texas’ new voter ID laws. [WaPo]

Parking meter redux?

Who says people don’t learn from history? One alderman is actually now publicly expressing skepticism over the city’s plan to privatize another service, specifically Midway Airport. [Sun-Times]

Manning’s statement

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning released a statement today saying he’s female and would like to henceforth be referred to by the name Chelsea Manning. [N.Y. Times]

Missing baby

A horrible story out of Zion, where the search for a missing baby has taken a grim turn. [Sun-Times]

Mubarak to be released

Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt who was ousted before July’s coup ousted another president, will soon be released from prison and placed under house arrest. [Al Jazeera]


CPS principals are receiving raises despite the recent layoffs, compelling some to spend the extra money on their own schools. [Sun-Times]


A tech glitch (or squirrels in the tech closet) caused NASDAQ trading to cease for a few hours earlier today. [WSJ]

No kidding

The Civic Federation has confirmed what anyone who’s followed the news for months (and years) already knows: CPS’ finances are in a bad, bad way. [Sun-Times]

So long, elk head

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been served with a forfeiture order, so it’s goodbye, celebrity memorabilia purchased with tax payer money. [NBC Chicago]

Not in my front yard!

A couple in Lake View is terrified of the types of people who may rent a bike and are suing the city over the Divvy station in front of their condo building. [Sun-Times]

Those were the days

Art Shay shares photos from the Sun-Times’ first golden age. [Chicagoist]

Welcome Back I

Former Metra CEO Alex Clifford would, ya know, totally consider taking back his old job if, ya know, the RTA were maybe thinking about offering it to him. [Sun-Times]

Ladies of Tech

What’s with the shortage of women in Chicago’s tech scene? [Gapers Block]

Don’t like

One of the three suspects in the killing of an Australian man in Oklahoma – allegedly a crime committed out of boredom – spent the days before the crime tweeting Chief Keef lyrics. [Sun-Times]

yo’SeH yaHnIv

The state’s unemployment site apparently offers an option to translate to Klingon because of course it does. [Tribune]

Flame out

It’s not a good sign when your communications director has an expletive-dotted meltdown defense on your blog, as the Chicago Fire just discovered. [Sun-Times, Chicago Fire]

Mascot wars

The University of Tulsa wins the award for best mascot, and there is no arguing. Sorry, Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, you can’t beat Air Bud. [Deadspin]

Welcome Back II

It’s a homecoming weekend for A.J. Pierzynski. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the Reader’s Steve Bogira and Mick Dumke have a trio of must-read stories about the progress — and, more importantly, the lack thereof — in Chicago since the March. [Chicago Reader]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Only 125 shopping days left till Christmas and, yes, some stores are already counting down. [CNBC]

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