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Which Chicagoan got the boot from the 'Big Brother' house?

(SPOILERS FROM THURSDAY’S EPISODE AHEAD): Looks like Lincoln Park mother of two Helen Kim has been sent packing from the “Big Brother” house.

Thursday’s eviction vote came down 4 to 1 in favor of ousting Helen, a 37-year-old political consultant, over Spencer.

“I went down swinging…and crying,” Helen told host Julie Chen in the post-eviction interview on the CBS reality series.

Helen and fellow Chicagoan Andy Herren — both of whom been the subject of slurs from fellow contestants during this controversial season — had bonded during their time in the house. But Andy voted against Helen, saying it was in his best interest from a game standpoint.

“I’ve been questioning Andy’s loyalty over the last few weeks,” she told Chen. “Andy’s not a liar. Andy’s not a cheater. I knew in his heart he loves me. I wanted him to make a big move…he wasn’t willing to do that.”

Helen’s ouster wasn’t necessarily going to be permanent, though. In a “Big Brother” twist, four jurors took part in a live competition Thursday night, with the winner getting to return to the Big Brother digs for another stab at the final prize.

Jurors Helen, Judd, Jessie and Candice — along with all of the other contestants except Head of Household winner Aaryn — competed in a baseball-themed game called “Off the Wall.” (How appropriate for Helen, who wound up on the show after attending a casting call at the Cubby Bear.) Constestants stood on moving platforms against a wall and tried to be the first to catch 10 balls without falling off.

The game was moving verrrryyyy slowly by the time the episode went off the air, leaving people (read: diehard fans) to follow the action via the “Big Brother” live feed, which you need to pay for to access. I’m too cheap to do that, so I took to Twitter to read the tweets of someone posting updates from the live feed. Here’s what I found:

If that’s true, Helen’s eviction stands and she’s out of the running.

Before she went on the show, she told me that one of the reasons she wanted to win was to honor a former co-worker who died unexpectedly earlier this year.

“She was such a huge fan [of the show],” Helen had said. “I’m playing for her.”