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Drugs, laughs and the rest of the best business stuff this week

Meet the dread Pirate Roberts, the man behind booming black market drug website Silk Road

Millions are flowing into this entrepreneur’s Internet marketplace, the “Web’s busiest bazaar for heroin, methamphetamines, crack, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and enough strains of marijuana to put an Amsterdam coffee shop to shame.” Meg Graham

How to buy drugs online

While we’re on the subject, Forbes gauges the consumer friendliness of an assortment of online black markets. Meg Graham

But ‘the greatest team ever’ bears repeating

Barack Obama can’t talk sports without team-name-dropping, the WSJ bemoans in a video titled, “We get it, Mr. President, you’re from Chicago.” Sara White

Even Seth Meyers sweats the interview

The New York Times’ oral history of auditioning for SNL god Lorne Michaels is great for a lot of reasons. Mostly though, it’s a great reminder that everyone can blow the tryout. And they can still go on to be Will Ferrell. Sarah Collins

Newspapers: Not dead yet!

The New York Times profiles one province of the print media world where famine hasn’t set in: the small town. After dalliances in other industries, the three Lynn sisters return to rural Vermont to help run their family’s network of small newspapers, executing on the hyperlocal model that stumped AOL boss Tim Armstrong. Meanwhile, the bustling metropolis of Long Beach becomes a two-newspaper town. Matt Present

Whole Foods’ battle for the organic shopper

Jokes about spending an entire paycheck at Whole Foods are finally starting to bruise. More groceries are now offering organic and premium products, putting pressure on Whole Foods to up deals and promotions for shoppers. Madeline Skaggs