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"Rhythms of China" at Millennium Park Monday

Kerry Leung performed a song on the dizi, a traditional Chinese instrument. He was part of the Chinese New Year Celebration on Monday, February 11, 2013 at Daley Plaza sponsored by the Chinese Fine Arts Society. | Sun-Times File

The Chinese Fine Arts Society is presenting a free concert at 6 p.m. Monday, August 26 at the Jay Pritzker pavilion in Millennium Park.

The concert features performances by some favorite local musicians, like violinist Rachel Barton Pine, and musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments, like Betti Xiang on the erhu. The Cheng Da Drum Team kicks off the concert.

“We think audiences will love what they hear,” said CFAS board president Julie Tao Ma in a statement.

The program includes:

Tiger Grinding Teeth

Cheng Da Drum Team

Yangko, by Chen Yi

Third Coast Percussion and MingHuan XuNight Impressions, by Vivian Fung

Hong-Da Chin, Yihan Chen, Third Coast Percussion, and Betti Xiang

Emanuele Andrizzi, conductorMan Jiang Hong: Legend of a Chinese Hero, by Lu Pei

Rachel Barton Pine and Winston ChoiLakescape II, by Lei Liang

Third Coast PercussionDuet, by Conrad TaoThree Humoresques, by Yang Bao ZhiSojourner’s Song, by Daniel LoChen Yihan, Winston Choi, Eugenia Moliner, and Third Coast Percussion

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