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And now there's a Kickstarter for something called Booze Bolts

Each week Grid rounds up the most conspicuous Chicago projects on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site that connects everyday inventors with everyday investors. You may say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or perhaps, “Good luck with that.” But we’re not here to judge — it’s your money.

NEW: Belli’s Chicago. Alexandra Curatolo pictures something like the Pilsen farmers market in store form. Her proposed grocery would stock locally grown and produced food in the Thalia Hall building at 18th and Allport. Seeking: $15,000 by Sept. 26.

NOW: Mochibag. A sackpack that doesn’t suck. Mochibag is a drawstring backpack with premium touches: nicer nylon and ropes, a well-made pocket, solid hardware, and shoulder loops that stay put. Raised so far: $116,447, or 1,164 percent of its goal.

WOW: Booze Bolt. It’s an aluminum shot glass shaped like a bolt. A big bolt. With a hole. We can’t tell you how badly you need this. Days to go: 26 to raise $3,500.