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Cashner, Rizzo consider trade a win-win deal

SAN DIEGO – Former Cub Andrew Cashner is clear about wanting to prove the Cubs’ front office wrong for believing he was expendable enough to trade, and he said before shutting down the Cubs for seven innings Sunday that he was “looking to shove it up their a–” in that start.

But it’s not about trying to “win” the trade for the Padres. In fact, he and the guy he was traded for – Anthony Rizzo – seem to have a mutual admiration thing going on.

The two got to know each other hanging out with some of Cashner’s old Cub teammates who are still around, back when the Padres were in Chicago a month into the season – about the time Rizzo was closing in on that seven-year contract agreement.

“I told him to give me some of that money,” Cashner said, laughing. “That’s great for him. He’s a guy with huge upside. He’s got 20 homers now, and he’s 24. I’m 26, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the last two years.

“He’s got a chance to figure out a lot of things and hit for power to both sides of the field.”

Rizzo singled to right with one out in the first off Cashner on Sunday, but it turned out to be one of only two hits allowed by the former Cubs’ first-round draft pick — who also struck out Rizzo in the third.

“They got a great pitcher over there,” Rizzo said of Cashner. “I hope he has a great career; I hope I have a great career as well. There’s no winning or losing this trade. … I hope we both have Hall of Fame careers and everyone’s a winner.”