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Instant replay will be work in progress

Baseball will be defining in the off season how instant replay reviews will be handled next season. But a play like Friday’s inside the park home run by Ian Kinsler might not be a reviewable one.

“I think that’s more of a judgment [call],’’ Sox manager Robin Ventura said Sunday. “They might be able to look at it and do that. I don’t even know if that’s reviewable.

“I haven’t read exactly how it’s going to go because right now it doesn’t matter. If they institute it, I’ll polish up on it.’’

Kinsler scored when his ball rolled under the mats along the left field foul line, hidden from the view of outfielder Dayan Viciedo. Ventura was ejected after arguing over the play.

Ventura said instant replay will affect the game “because it’s a tool for managers to use.

“Whether you get it right or get it wrong, I think guys are going to be able to use it and you’re going to find out if it was the right call or not. That’s just part of replay that we’re going to have to work out as far as how it’s exactly used.

“We’ve had a few plays in the last three or four games where you’re probably going to take a shot at it and get a replay of it. As long as they get it right in the end, that’s what you’re shooting for.”