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8 August 27, 2013

A rundown of the morning’s hottest headlines, from the editors of Grid.

1 Triple TIF

The city is tapping three South Side TIF districts to help build a huge new factory in Pullman. Method Products expects to bring 90 new jobs to the city, which will pony up $8.1 million of the $39 million development costs. [Sun-Times]

2 McWings

Just in time for weight-gaining season, McDonald’s will introduce bone-in chicken wings Sept. 9. [Bloomberg]

3 Contemporary cruise-ship chic

The new Out Hotel in Boystown will feature a contemporary design with lots of straight lines, a design by Chicago architect Jackie Koo and a “cruise ship” atmosphere. [Grid]

4 Scary safe

Chicago Public Schools’ so-called safe-passage routes to consolidated public schools were plagued with shootings and other violence last school year, a Sun-Times investigation shows. [Sun-Times]

5 Hawk rising

Sources tell CNBC that inflation hawk Larry Summers, formerly secretary of the treasury and president of Harvard, will likely be the next Federal Reserve chairman. [CNBC]

6 Big hire at Grosvenor

Mayor Emanuel’s former big-data guru, Brett Goldstein, is going to work for Mayor Emanuel’s current big-business guru, Michael Sacks. [Crain’s]

7 Hospital layoffs

Bracing for health care reform, NorthShore University Health Systems is laying off 130 employees. [Crain’s]

8 Behave yourself back there

Your Uber driver is judging you. [Business Insider]