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Introducing Innovation Creation

My name is Sean Cannon and I own Event Creative, a meeting and event production company. It’s a unique business in a very exciting industry. We are also in the middle of building Venue One, a new one-of-a-kind “Meeting, Expo and Event Center.” The business, as far as I know, has never been tried before, at least not in the same capacity.

Welcome to my blog, Innovation Creation. It’s about innovation, not the innovation like you know it, but what innovation really is. It has been around long before any of us, long before our parents, our grandparents and even our great-grandparents. Matter of fact, innovation has been around as long as man. It’s what separates us from any other species on this planet. It defines who we were and who we are going to become. Innovation is not only making lemonade from lemons, but it’s eventually turning lemonade back into lemons and then making them into a biodiesel fuel. Someday the whole world will run on lemons. Innovation is the mother of invention.

I have been in the meeting and event industry now for 24 years and it has taken me to places most people have never seen. I have been to the White House, at least 40 out of the 50 states, other countries and some of the most interesting buildings and landmarks in the country. None of that impresses more than the innovation of people and the things they do with the items around them. Just the other week a worker installing drywall at Venue One was listening to music on his phone and took a 2-liter soda bottle and cut the bottom quarter and top few inches off. He then put it over the little speaker on his phone and this amplified the music loud enough for everyone working to hear. The music came out loud and clear, eliminating the need for expensive speakers, the drain on his phone’s battery and the need to plug anything in. This is what innovation is really about, this is the true talent in the world and these are the people that keep life moving forward. I believe life moves forward when people do what no one else does and stands still when people follow the trends. Like they say, “trends come and go” and that’s because people can only follow something for so long before they lose interest.

I am fortunate to work with some of the most innovative people out there and I always take notice of when people make some of the coolest things from nothing, from their imaginations and their sweat. These are the people that move the world forward. These are the people, items and situational I am going to expose you to, because this is who I am. I have no “comfort zone,” I am never inside the box and I am innovation in its purest form.