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What you lookin' at, ump? Better not be Sveum

LOS ANGELES — For the 10th time in his career and sixth time this season – second in 11 games – Cubs manager Sveum was ejected from a game, this time before an out was recorded in the bottom of the first in a loss to the Dodgers.

And in what is becoming a trend for the second-year manager, it was over another case of somebody “eyeballing” him or somebody else on the team – the fourth time in seven ejections for Sveum, dating to last season.

After a bad non-call on a two-strike check-swing by Dodger hitter Yasiel Puig, first-base ump Lance Barksdale, Sveum yelled at the ump but then sat back down and thought he was done.

“We said our piece, and then he had his head in our dugout for 30 seconds,” Sveum said. I just don’t think that’s right. We said our piece, we didn’t like it, and then we were done. And he just kept his head our dugout waiting for somebody to say something else. Unfortunately, I did.”