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Musical Theater Spectacle "Death Boogie" Headed to Auditorium Stage

“Death Boogie,” the winner of two major Musical Theatre Matters Awards at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, will play at the Auditorium Theatre’s intimate new Katten Landau Studio, Sept. 5 – 7. Written and performed by actor/poet Darian Dauchan, the show is billed as “an innovative, modern, hip-hop musical featuring a polished, invigorating spoken-word performance.”

Both a concept album and a theatrical production, “Death Boogie” follows the fictional story of Victor Spartan, a blue collar worker turned revolutionist. While Spartan may lead a comatose lifestyle by day, at night he hears the poetic sounds of revolution. In this political romp — which uses a combination of music (violin, bass and beat-boxing) and comic book illustrations to convey the deeply rooted call to action — Dauchan embodies Spartan, as well as various characters including a Greek Titan, a soldier, a prisoner of war and a child. Along the way he examines the notion of martyrdom, altruism, and courage.

Dauchen, founder of “The Spoken Word Almanac Project,” a poetry collective committed to the writing of poems on current world events, conceived the spoken word show “Slam 101” for Lincoln Center’s Meet the Artists Series, and has a number of Broadway, TV and solo performance credits. He will be accompanied here by local Chicago musicians. The show’s director is Jennifer McGrath.

For tickets ($12 – $20) call (800) 982-2787 or visit