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Michigan's Devin Gardner learning to lead as quarterback

Michigan coach Brady Hoke has always felt Devin Gardner had the intangibles to play quarterback. The redshirt junior just hasn’t gotten the opportunity to consistently play the position until this offseason.

At this time last year Gardner was preparing himself to play receiver for the Wolverines . After playing eight games at the position last season, Gardner appeared in Michigan’s final five games of 2012 at quarterback—starting four.

But having the starting quarterback spot locked up this offseason allowed Gardner the requisite reps he needed to finally get comfortable at the position.

“The improvement that he’s made in making good decisions and I think the improvement of how to lead from the quarterback position,” Hoke said of how Gardner has grown as a quarterback. “I think he’s had part of that DNA in him but he was out of it a little bit and so now the progress he’s made from a decision-making and maturity [standpoint], it’s been a real positive.”