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UPDATED: Death Grips bail on Lollapalooza after-show, fans destroy band's equipment

UPDATE: Bottom Lounge has posted the following on their Facebook page.

We just wanted to let everyone know that tickets for last night’s Death Grips show are in the process of being refunded and everyone that bought tickets will have their money back shortly. We also would like to thank everyone at the show last night for being so incredibly cool about the situation. Despite being very disappointed, everyone at the show was respectful and we just wanted to let you know, that we appreciate your understanding as we were as surprised as you were. Thank You, Bottom Lounge.

And Pitchfork has posted this update:

The band are no longer on Lollapalooza’s official schedule and have been replaced in their slot by Shaun White’s band Bad Things… According to Lollapalooza’s representatives, the band “chose not to arrive in Chicago” and will not play the festival.

While Lollapalooza itself seemed to go smoothly – rain aside – on Friday, things apparently didn’t go so well late last night at Bottom Lounge where Death Grips, slated to play tonight at the fest, didn’t show up for their scheduled late night set. Thus, fans decided to take things into their own hands – literally – by destroying the bands equipment, according to multiple reports on social media and Reddit, according to a report at Pitchfork. While the band didn’t show, a full set of their music was reportedly played over the venues PA system.

Opener Charlie Glitch posted this.

While neither the band or venue have said anything about the failure to show up or refunds, attendees said that the band had a reproduction of a fan’s suicide note displayed on stage.