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Looking at the Bears receivers -- Brittan Golden released

The Bears want quarterback Jay Cutler to have as many options as possible. So the notion that the Bears won’t keep six wide receivers on their 53-man roster because Devin Hester is solely a kick returner is off.

Don’t forget that the Bears’ first 53-man roster last season included six receivers and four specialists (an extra punter was kept with Adam Podlesh hurt).

Anyway, the Bears’ receiving situation is coming into focus. Brittan Golden has been notified that he will be released by the Bears.

Right now, the Bears’ top six receivers look like this: Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Earl Bennett, Eric Weems, Marquess Wilson and Joe Anderson.

It was a surprise that Wilson, a seventh-round pick, didn’t play in the final exhibition against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday. But it’s a good sign for Wilson that he didn’t.

“The Earl Bennett situation right now is significant and Marquess is next in line, so we’ll see where that is,” coach Marc Trestman said. “And that’s part of the reason we kept him out of playing receiver [Thursday].”

Receiver Joe Anderson has a big game against the Browns. He had catches for 64 yards, including a five-yard touchdown catch and a 37-yard reception in the first half.

“I believe in me,’’ Anderson said afterward. “If you ask me, I believe I made this team.”

Anderson appeared to be in line to be the Bears’ No. 3 receiver with an impressive training camp, but a shoulder injury derailed his progress. His solid outing against the Browns should help. Plus, he’s become more comfortable on special teams.

“Joe Anderson was the same Joe Anderson we saw all during training camp — playing hard, playing fast, being very efficient and catching the football,” Trestman said. “He showed it again [Thursday night]. He made plays. He made some awkward catches. Everything we saw during practice he has proven he can do under the lights – no doubt about it. He’s right there in the mix. There will be some tough decisions in these 53, but I think regardless of what happens there, he has shown that he can certainly play in this league.”