CPS' list of school air conditioning as of December

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CPS hasn’t been able to provide an updated list of which schools do and do not have air conditioning, but the district *did* provide a detailed Excel spreadsheet of their air conditioned facilities in December to the Commission on School Utilization, showing:

  • 83 campuses with “no cooling”: campus has with no AC/Dehumidification and may only have a minimal number of windows units serving only administrative spaces. No classrooms are air conditioned.
  • 269 campuses with “partial cooling”: Campus has window air conditioning units in at least one classroom OR campus has multiple buildings and at least one of the buildings has full AC/dehumidification (but not all buildings have full A/C). At least one classroom has air conditioning.
  • 216 campuses with “full cooling”: All buildings on the campus have AC/Dehumidification OR the campus has a combination of AC/Dehumidification and window units serving every classroom. Every classroom is air conditioned.

[Thanks to @Shua123 for digging this up.]

***Meanwhile, Apples2Apples ALSO located a spreadsheet online regarding an audit of Energy Star data at many CPS facilities, but it’s a little older — from April 1, 2011.

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