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Sandberg and Hornsby share a piece of Cubs history

As Ryne Sandberg makes his managerial debut against his former team, baseball historian Ed Hartig found these facts about past Hall of Fame Cubs facing their old team:

–Sandberg is only the second person to be enshrined in the Hall as a Cub and manage against his old team afterward. Sandberg was enshrined in 2005. He joins Rogers Hornsby in that category. Hornsby played for the Cubs from 1929-32 and was the team’s player/manager from 1930-32. He was elected to the Hall in 1942, then faced the Cubs as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds in 1952-53.

–A total of 15 Cubs Hall of Famers managed against the organization at some point in their careers. But Hornsby and Sandberg are the only two to do so following their enshrinement.