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Graham Elliot's Grahamwich sandwich shop is closed

Graham Elliot’s Grahamwich sandwich shop has closed its doors. SUN-TIMES PHOTO

Graham Elliot’s tony sandwich shop, Grahamwich, housed in the landmark Tree Studios Building, has closed after a two-and-a-half-year run in Chicago’s River North area.

The news was reported today in the Chicago Tribune.

In his 2011 review, Sun-Times restaurant critic Pat Bruno gave the eatery 1.5 stars: “Considering that a sandwich, chips and, say, a soda or soft serve will set you back around $18-$22, I suggest you not show up with small change,” Bruno wrote. “Having said that, I must say that Bowles does a bang-up job with his sandwiches.”

Elliot’s other Chicago restaurants, his namesake Elliot on West Huron and the Graham Elliot Bistro on West Randolph remain open for business.