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Why didn't Chicago teachers show up at Elgin U46 job fair?

Jeron Shelton, right, interviews Mark Mastrogiovanni of Will County for a substitute teaching position in Elgin School District U46 during the U46 Job Fair Wednesday at the U46 Educational Services Center in Elgin. | Emily McFarlan Miller for Sun-Times Media

So 1,500 to 1,700 Chicago teacher jobs went away in June and July… Elgin’s school hosted a job fair specifically for Chicago teachers but nobody showed up? Elgin Courier-News’ Emily McFarlan Miller reports:

ELGIN — About 1,000 hopeful teachers and support staff from across northern Illinois turned out to a job fair Elgin School District U46 held last month at its Education Services Center.

But nobody showed to the two-day job fair it had planned for Chicago Teachers Union members just the week before, according to U46 Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Melanie Meidel.

“We set up the two days just for them so we would not have a ‘rush’ of over 3,000 people. The intent was to keep the job fair manageable knowing the number of teachers laid off in Chicago,” Meidel said.

Miller couldn’t reach the Chicago Teachers Union. Anybody know what happened? Any Chicago teachers end up going or applying anyway?