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VIDEO: Bill Murray, Harry Caray at Wrigley's (rained out) first night game

This week, we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field. Below are two pairs of stories from our archives during the lead-up to that historic event.

While the overlords at Major League Baseball have taken away most videos from the first night game at Wrigley and stored them in a vault next to the Ark of the Covenant (though they’ll still have to pry my beat VHS tape of the game from my cold, dead hands), there are some clips of the game, most enjoyably this opening bit between then-Cubs announcer Harry Caray and comedian Bill Murray, who’s clearly in his element introducing the Cubs-Phillies game on August 8, 1988. This clip also features the top half of the first and the first homer under the lights which ended up not counting. Note the overcast skies in the background, a harbinger of the rain out to come, postponing history for 24 hours.

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