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Pat Fitzgerald knows test of team depth won't come until injuries hit

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald knows he can celebrate his team’s depth all he wants in the preseason.

But ultimate test of that will come when the Wildcats are hit with injuries.

“This is probably the deepest team we’ve had to this point,” Fitzgerald said. “Obviously no adversity has hit us yet. That will happen. It happens every year. How we respond to that will be important and when I’m talking about that, I talk about injuries.”

Fitzgerald isn’t the only one showing enthusiasm about the talent on the roster.

Senior running back Venric Mark realizes that there’s a definite difference between this year’s squad and the one he joined his freshman season.

“The team when I first came was a great team, the team chemistry was there but it just seemed like there was something missing,” Mark said. “I can’t put my finger on it. But I can tell you being around this team now, I feel like everything is here. The depth is here at every position, the mentality is here and Coach Fitz has coached this team in the right direction. It’s not about a certain individual anymore, it’s about the team and we’re all on the same page.”