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Northwestern freshman Godwin Igwebuike looks to master football mentally

Northwestern has a strict policy when it comes to playing true freshmen and takes that decision very seriously.

In order to play a freshman the coaching staff wants to ensure that player is emotionally, physically and mentally ready to take the field.

During the team’s second phase of training camp in Kenosha, freshman safety Godwin Igwebuike hopes to prove himself in those areas.

“Mentally, I think that goes hand in hand with knowing the plays and stuff which has probably been my toughest part because I think I’m emotionally and physically ready,” Igwebuike said. “Mentally, they’ve thrown a lot of plays at us. So just trying to take my time and take some time out of the day at nights to study which is kind of hard since we get back so late.”

Igwebuike is a highly regarded safety that has shown he has the ability to make plays in the secondary. But even the most celebrated of freshman go through an adjustment period during their first week of practice.

“Monday [the first day of practice] was definitely probably the longest day of my entire life, that’s for sure,” he said. “It feels so good being able to play for Northwestern, being able to play Division I football.”