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'Breaking Bad's"' Saul Goodman reviews local lawyer commercials

It’s time for another swell share via This one features Naperville’s Bob Odenkirk — a hometown favorite who provides comic relief as scummy counselor Saul Goodman on AMC’s drama Breaking Bad (which begins the second half of its final season Sunday at 8 p.m., in case you’ve been living in a cave — no offense to cave people) — reviewing lame television commercials made by local attorneys.

Odenkirk, by the way, is back in town September 20 and 21 for shows with his former Mr. Show co-stars David Cross and Brian Posehn at the Vic Theatre and Up Comedy Club. He also stars in the new film The Spectacular Now, which just opened and received high marks from Sun-Times columnist and Reelz Channel film critic Richard Roeper, among others.