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Gil Hamm: Prefishing, Day 2

COOK, Minn.–This will be a short and sweet report for the second day of prefishing for the Gil Hamm Memorial Chapter Challunge on Lake Vermilion.

For good reason, even though Vermilion is loaded with good looking muskie spots from reefs to rock points.

The morning started in the 40s with rain and east wind. That changed to high bluebird skies after the front pushed through.

Steve Statland and I covered a lot of good looking water, but could not raise a fish. Tough day all around from what we heard. Only two muskies were raised. None caught that we heard.

The good news is full moon is coming in a couple days.

The Gil Hamm runs Wednesday through Friday. Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc. is the host, because they won last year.

I am part of the Grumpy Old Men team, one of five six-man teams from CMH. The other team members are Paul Hortenstine, Statland, Brent “Bert” Cunningham and twin brothers Bob and Don Roman.

The good news came tonight at camp where a local fishermen went over the lake map and we came up with some good strategy.

Tons of eagles again today.