The Evening Rush for Monday, Jan. 20, 2014

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Child-abuse, neglect deaths in Illinois remain high in DCFS-involved cases

State child-welfare officials twice investigated complaints that Enoch A. Hayslett was abusing his children but found the allegations not credible, records show. Then — a month after a DCFS investigator closed the second case — Hayslett was charged with beating one of his 8-month-old twin sons to death. Lamar Hayslett was among 27 Illinois children to die from abuse or neglect in DCFS’ last reporting year after they or their families already had been involved with the agency, a Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ examination of records has found. [Sun-Times]

ALSO: 61 children, 61 stories of abuse and neglect. [Sun-Times]

King’s lasting legacy

The new Martin Luther King Fair Housing Exhibit Center honors his fight for fair housing laws. [Sun-Times]

Also: We take a look back at King’s Chicago connections, while Don Rose and Timuel Black remember the march on Washington. [Voices Gallery] [Voices Video]

Oh, that’s rich

Here’s some depressing news for a Monday: The richest 1 percent in the world own 46 percent of the wealth. [USA Today]

Well, isn’t that funny

New federal guidelines might prevent the official state snack from being sold in school lunchrooms. [Voices]

‘Pain’ at the pump

The price of gas in Venezuela could see a huge spike to — gasp — 17 cents a gallon. [Washington Post]

Wait ’til when?

Just like summer road construction, that whole Cubs rebuilding project could end up taking a little longer than originally anticipated. [Sun-Times]

Mystery solved

It took more than a century to confirm, but Loraine Allison, then 2 years old, really did die when the Titanic sank. [The Telegraph]

How do you really feel, Richard Sherman?

Rick Morrissey says the vocal Seahawks cornerback gave us a rare look at a pro athlete Sunday night: raw and immediate and uncut. [Sun-Times]

Also: Sherman explains what he was thinking. [Slate]

Here’s one way to beat the IRS

Man trips on cord during IRS audit, man sues IRS, man wins $862,000 — all tax-free. [New York Post]

When Amazon takes over the world

The online retailer says it’ll be able to ship items before you decide to buy them — because they’ll know you need them. [Time]

The Bright One

Lori Rackl answers your ‘Sherlock’ questions — because you know you’ve got ’em. [Voices]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Cats and dogs have very different ways of teaching their offspring how to go down the steps. [Buzzfeed]

The Latest
The boy was found about 10:20 p.m. in a home in the 3600 block of West Franklin Boulevard with gunshot wounds to his chest and head, police said.
Connor Bedard punched the boards, Petr Mrazek yelled at Jaycob Megna and everything else went equally poorly for the Hawks in a 5-0 defeat Thursday.
Oronde Hardy, 50, is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the attack.
Four people were shot Monday evening. Two have died. Trivell Pruitt, 53, is being held in the attack in the 7100 block of South State Street. A second shooter remains at large.