Sue’s Morning Stretch: Strong’s sexier than skinny, Lindsey Vonn says

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You’re not the only one who can feel intimidated by those bobblehead super-skinny chickadees, especially at a meal. “Good Morning America” reported on a candid interview skiing sensation Lindsey Vonn did with Self magazine. Vonn talked about how even someone who looks as wonderful as she does can feel a bit insecure when surrounded by the type of “people who eat lettuce and Diet Coke” for dinner,” mentioning in particular her recent attendance at the Met Ball with her boyfriend, golfer Tiger Woods.

Vonn, a four-time World Cup winner, went on to say that although a lot of those people (come on, let’s be honest, we’re talking primarily women here) may be skinny, but actually they are “skinny-fat,” meaning they’re hanging on to a lot of cellulite and too much fat on their bodies, but not enough muscle. Vonn, who sadly won’t be competing in Sochi Olympics due to a knee injury, doesn’t want to be them; “it’s sexy to be strong,” she said. Yeah, Lindsey! About time someone said this. What we all should want is to have strong, muscular bodies that will serve us well through our older years. ABC News nutrition and wellness editor David Zinczenko seconded Vonn’s assessment, and said that despite weighing little, because of the poor diet and lack of muscle, these skinny-fat folks are good candidates for heart disease. He recommended a combination of working out and eating right (high-fiber foods, protein, good carbs) to achieve a healthful body.

Also on the shows this morning:

Comedian Brian Posehn, known for his baby-punching bit, was on “You & Me This Morning,” talking about his little boy. Said his 4-year-old’s already pretty tall like him (the comedian is 6-foot-7), but “he’s gonna be terrible at basketball just like Daddy.” Posehn’s been on a number of sitcoms, showing up lately on “New Girl,” Community, “Big Bang Theory.” Posehn’s in town through Saturday at Up Comedy, 230 N. North Avenue.

“CBS This Morning” did a preview of a “60 Minutes” interview with outgoing “Tonight” show host Jay Leno talking about being replaced by Jimmy Fallon. Leno said he might have been hurt if NBC had fired him with no potential successor in mind, because that would be a reflection on the job he has done. He described Fallon as more like Johnny Carson than just about anyone else. Choosing Fallon, “this makes perfect sense to me” the 63-year-old entertainer said. The “60 Minutes” interview airs Sunday night.

— Sue Ontiveros

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