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Sex offender arrested for sucking woman's toes in Walmart

Seems like these days you can find a little bit of everything at the local Walmart, and that includes a registered sex offender sucking on a woman’s toes — even if she’s not a willing participant.

Late Thursday, Lincolnton, N.C. police charged a man with misdemeanor assault on a female, reports

Michael Brown, a registered sex offender, allegedly approached Erika Porras and said he was a podiatry student and needed to do some research and asked her to try on some shoes. Doing that kind of research in Walmart should have been a red flag, but it wasn’t.

As Porras was changing shoes, she said Brown stuck her foot in his mouth and began sucking her toes.

“He asked me not to tell anyone and said he would pay for my groceries,” Porras said.

Shockingly, this isn’t Brown’s first illegal toe sucking encounter. In 2000, he was convicted for breaking into a woman’s house and sucking her toes.

The video: