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Domino's rolls out a new pizza crust made out of chicken

How do you like your pizza crust? Hand tossed? Thick? Deep dish? How about made out of chicken?

That’s the new creation from Domino’s, if you can even call it pizza (they’re officially calling it Specialty Chicken).

Domino’s is calling it “the most creative, innovative menu items we have ever had,” and it comes topped with sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings and is available in four varieties: Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple, Classic Hot Buffalo and Sweet BBQ Bacon.

Domino’s isn’t the only restaurant chain doing something odd with chicken. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a florist in New York have paired up to create a fried chicken corsage for prom season.