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Sears seeks quick profit from fast fashion

Sears will launch fast fashion shop Now + Here in its stores and online April 14.

The retailer promises to add new fashionable clothing monthly. Prices for an assortment of tops, bottoms, cardigans and vests will fall between $20 and $42.

“Fast fashion for Sears means an accelerated timeline for trends at an affordable price. The new Now + Here shop provides an experience that transcends the store, leveraging our integrated retail capabilities to give our customers and Shop Your Way members a 360 degree fashion experience,” said Sheila Field, chief marketing officer, Sears Apparel.

“Today’s fashionista lives a digital lifestyle that is part of everything she does, including how she shops.”

Sears is having an online event to launch Now + Here, followed by a live fashion chat with celebrity Brooke Burke-Charvet. Register at

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