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Brave enough to try mystery chips?

We’ve all joked about mystery meat. Now comes mystery chips.

Doritos is counting on snackers eating chips that come in a silver bag with nothing but a flavor number on the outside. Then, the chipmaker wants those adventuresome snackers to go online and tell the company which flavors it should keep making.

Doritos Jacked mystery chips, in three flavors, will be begin showing up on store shelves this week. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, which makes Doritos tortilla chips, calls it the “Bold Flavor Experiment.”

“There’s nothing as bold as stepping into the unknown, and crunching into an unknown mystery chip with over-the-top flavor is one way we’re inviting fans to be bold with the Doritos brand,” said Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. “Our Bold Flavor Experiment is the latest example of how we’re rewarding our fans for making bold choices — this time by trying our mystery Doritos Jacked flavors and voting for the bold flavor they like best.”

The company plans daily giveaways for people who try the chips and vote for their favorite. Online voting will begin April 29 at

Doritos Jacked were introduced in 2012.

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