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‘American Sniper’ vs ‘Selma’

Once again the Academy Awards have revealed an utter lack of historic awareness. A film that is an out-and-out war propaganda piece that distorted reality (erroneously connecting Iraq with 9/11) under the false cover of concern for our brave veterans was celebrated with three major nominations. But a film that captured the true story of an authentic American hero’s struggle for a people’s liberation receives only one major nomination — and no acting nominations. One film depicted a real-life racist who called Iraqis “savages,” and the other film depicted a fighter against racism. No surprise in our “post-racial” America, the hero racist movie received more accolades.

Edward D. Juillard, Beverly

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We who love America want a better America

Rudy Giuliani accused President Barack Obama of “not loving America.” Others, sensing political gain, said they agreed with him. I guess all those joining him in this conversation expect the rest of us to “know” that they are  true lovers of America. They certainly have a weird way of showing it when they disrespect our president and, thus, the America that elected him.

I love America and I love what we can do to make that America an even better place for all of us. I love the idea of educational opportunities and affordable health care for everyone. I would love to see our nation’s infrastructure repaired and built out to improve our economy through better transportation. I want everyone in America to pay their  fair share of taxes to support our nation’s needs. I believe that all workers should be paid a truly living wage, and I want to see the return of a prosperous middle class in our nation.

Yes, I truly love America, and I have ideas to show that love. Giuliani and his supporters seem to only want to use the phrase “love for America” as a whip to damage our president. I wish Rudy and his ilk would cease their relentless and selfish criticism of our president and his policies. Such actions are damaging the very America they claim to care so much about. A more credible way for them to show their national love would be  to work with Obama for the betterment of our nation and all its citizens.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows