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'Carmen & Jurko,' 'Spiegel & Goff' among radio's top midday sports shows

Chicago radio listeners really are spoiled when it comes to sports talk. Don’t believe it? Then check out the latest national rankings for midday shows compiled by Barrett Sports Media.

ESPN’s “Carmen & Jurko” (fifth) and The Score’s “Spiegel & Goff” (12th) were voted two of the Top 20 midday shows in America.

Jason Barrett solicited votes from 35 radio executives to determine the top shows in the country. Among the criteria were local ratings success and quality of content.

From BSM:

The executives who took part in the voting represent 23 U.S cities, and 15 different broadcast companies, and many of them have been key players in the format’s growth for over a decade. In many cases, they’ve led brands in multiple markets to large levels of success. It should be noted that I did not cast a vote towards these results myself but I will be writing a column next week offering my personal opinions on what I discovered while running point on this process.

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Barrett points out that shows needed to be on the full year.

As an example, two excellent programs (Ordway, Merloni and Fauria of WEEI in Boston and David Kaplan of ESPN 1000) didn’t make the list of 35 because they only spent 1/3 of the year in middays at their respective stations.

Tony Kornheiser’s show in Washington D.C. claimed the top spot. For the complete rankings, CLICK HERE.

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