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Johnny Manziel hospitalized after reaction to prescription drug

Johnny Manziel is preparing for a comeback. | Scott Eklund/Associated Press

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel was reportedly hospitalized Monday evening in Texas following a concert after having a negative reaction to a prescription medication.

Manziel, the 25-year-old free-agent quarterback, was transported to a hospital in Humble, Texas, to be examined, TMZ Sports reported. He was in the area to attend a three-day traveling music festival called JMBLYA with some friends. Earlier that day, Manziel played in a golf tournament hosted by his friend and former Texas A&M teammate, Mike Evans, according to TMZ.

Manziel’s representative Denise Michaels told TMZ Sports that Manziel appeared to have had a reaction to an adjustment in his prescription.

“He’s fine and headed home,” Michaels said.

Manziel confirmed on his Instagram story that the reaction was linked to an increased dosage in Lithium, which he takes for his Bipolar disorder.

“It was a scary moment,” Manziel wrote, “and I’m especially grateful for the staff at the hospital and all that they’ve done in the last 24 hours.”

Courtesy of Johnny Manziel’s Instagram Story.

In February, Manziel opened up about his downward spiral that included alcohol use, depression and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017 and has since switched to a sober lifestyle and is working to better himself so he can play football again.

Although Manziel is two seasons removed from football, the former Heisman Trophy award winner wants to make a comeback. Last month, he made his debut in the Spring League, which is a four-team showcase of practices and two games designed as an audition for pro scouts.