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Bill Simmons is Twitter-trashing Mike Golic

There’s something enjoyable about watching two larger-than-sports egos joust in a public forum. Let’s set the stage for this intrasquad squirmish playing out right now at the Entertainment Sports Programming Network.

The combatants: In one corner, Mike Golic of ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” fame. In the other, Grantland editor-in-chief and deposed ESPN “NBA Countdown” analyst Bill Simmons.

The buildup: Simmons goes on ESPN’s “The Herd” yesterday and says that LeBron James’ slow start in Cleveland reminds him of how Albert Pujols struggled after going to the Angels.

First jab thrown: “I think it’s one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve heard four games into a season in my life in any sport,” Golic said this morning on his show. “That’s what I’ll say about Bill Simmons. So, you know, he grabbed a headline, which is something I know he loves — and that’s one of the most ridiculous lines I’ve ever heard in any sport in my life. Four games into a season. I don’t even … that’s ridiculous.”

The counter-punches:

[UPDATE] Later in the afternoon, Golic tweeted this: