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Kitchen fire causes $2,000 in damage at Elgin home

(ELGIN) A kitchen sustained about $2,000 in damage during a fire Tuesday night in northwest suburban Elgin.

The blaze was reported by a 911 caller at 266 Hamilton Ave. in Elgin about 8:15 p.m., according to a statement from the Elgin fire department.

While fire crews were en route, the dispatcher realized that the actual address was 286 Hamilton Ave., though the caller continued insisting her address was actually 266 Hamilton Ave., according to the statement.

When crews arrived, they found the blaze at the home at 286 Hamilton Ave. and the woman waiting on the back porch, according to the statement. She said she thought the fire on the stove was out, but it may have gotten into the walls.

Firefighters quickly confirmed that the fire was out and had not reached into the walls.

Damage to the kitchen was estimated at $2,000, according to the statement. The homeowner told police she had fallen and hurt her right arm while trying to extinguish the blaze, but she refused medical treatment.

The home is habitable, according to the statement.