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Cuba no worse a potential trading partner than China

The cult of Castro has only been strengthened by U.S. policy toward Cuba.

It’s OK if corporations send jobs to China. It’s OK to avoid paying taxes via aversions and other accounting mechanisms. All in the name of “free enterprise” and huge profits.

It’s also acceptable that China steals our secrets rather than invest in developing their own technologies. China hacks our industry and pilfers our intellectual property with impunity.

But Republicans are raging against establishing diplomatic relations and travel with Cuba. The 50-year-old embargo hasn’t adversely affected the Castro regime. It has only served to harden their resistance to change and alienated a lot of countries in the process.

Obviously, President Obama is using his authority to initiate a more sensible policy for Cuba. Use our investments to shore up their economy and show them what freedom is all about.

But since this is the president’s plan, the Republicans are against it, just like they have been against every Obama policy of the last 6 years.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin


Include longer yellows with traffic cameras

A point your Friday editorial misses is that each red light camera means one less police car is required to write up traffic violators, one less car tied up and put in harm’s way in heavy traffic. A longer yellow is the solution to the greater number of right-angle “T-bone” crashes.

Mark N. Bonner, Lincolnwood