How high can it go?

At Pioneer Press, we get scores. For me it’s golf scores this time of year. I see some of those high scores. Some girls even shoot in the 180s. For 18 holes that is. Simple math says that’s 10 shots a hole. That’s really not good. If this was bowling, it would be equal to rolling a 9. If it was swimming, we would need a rescue effort. It’s clear these varsity golfers have never played the game before. They have to be hitting the ball 30 yards or banging it out of bounds all the time. That can’t be much fun. I’ve heard some golf tourneys go on for hours while the weak players try and finish.

Do we need a ruling from the IHSA? How about no varsity player can shoot over 140 or they are disqualified. I’m not blaming the kids here. They are out there trying but it’s clear something is wrong.

In better news, my friend H-Man says, “The worse you are in golf, the more you play.” So there is always hope.

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